Women and Gym – Best and Worst Supplements

A woman who works out also needs support from different supplements. As you try to lose weight and achieve a lean and healthier body, you need to make sure that you are also getting enough support from the food and the supplements that you are taking. This way, you will be able to get the desired result faster and you will have the strength to exercise.

There are different reasons why women exercise. Going to the gym regularly will help you get a great body. Your regular meals and the other food you eat can cause weight gain. If you do not have an active lifestyle, it would be difficult to maintain a healthy weight. With this, you need to make sure that you are also doing something that will make you sweat and lose fats.

Taking supplements is a common practice for people who want to get the right amount of nutrition for their body. Sometimes, food cannot provide the enough nutrients that you need. As an adult, the body cells degenerate faster and you cannot expect yourself to consume all the food you need every day. This is why you need to take supplements especially if you are working out. But you also need to choose the right one. Not all supplements are perfect for men and women.

Supplements Women Should Take

There are supplements that can strengthen your immune system and add more strength to your muscles. Here is a list of good supplements for women:

  • Fish Oil

Omega 3Taking fish oil daily will help you in losing fats and in strengthening your heart. It contains Omega-3 fatty acid that is known as an important nutrient in lowering the risk of heart attack and in maintaining a regular blood pressure. According to dieticians, it would be healthy if you are going to take a supplement that contains 3 grams of omega 3 fatty acid. Fish oil supplement is the best alternative for this.

  • Whey Protein

If you have a regular workout routine, you will certainly realize that there are some days when eating enough food with protein is a challenge. This happens when you do not have enough time to digest all the food you need to gain enough energy. It is really a great thing if you can add eggs, fish, chicken breast and lean meat to your diet. But if you think it would take you so much time to digest and convert these foods to energy, you should go for whey protein. This is perfect before workout. It helps the muscle get more nutrients, hormones and oxygen for better blood flow.

  • Creatine

There will be days when moving your muscles and doing some exercise would seem to very difficult. This is why you need creatine. Its major function is to help increase your energy during workouts. It works by drawing water to the muscles cells. This way, they can be stretched and their size will grow. The result is to help the muscle in building fast energy while you are exercising. Supplemental creatine is perfect before or after workout.

  • Green Tea Extracts

Green tea contains an active ingredient called polyphenol epigallocatechin gallate which is known for its great effect to the body. It is recommended for post-workout. Green tea extract is effective for muscle recovery and in relaxing the joints. There are days at the gym when the exercise you do will make you feel worn out and tired. You will definitely need something that will help your body recover.

  • B Complex

There are different benefits that you will be able to get from B complex supplement. First, it helps you in increasing your cell growth. Aside from that, it also helps in maintaining a healthy metabolism rate. If you are constantly feeling depressed or down, this can also help improve your mood. This is perfect for women who work out because it can assist you in maintaining your muscle tone. If you are easily get tired and burned out, B Complex can give you the energy you need to stay motivated in doing your routine.

  • Vitamin C

You need Vitamin C to fully support your immune system. Exercising can also be stressful. With this, you need Vitamin C to eliminate free radicals and to reduce the feeling of fatigue caused by the activities you do at the gym. It strengthens your muscles and supports it growth. All in all, it can make you stronger and it can protect you from sickness by boosting the immune system.

Supplements Women Should Avoid

There are also supplements that women should not be taking and there are also those that should be taken minimally to avoid the side effects. Here are some of those:

  • Steroids

Oral Steroids or InjectionsSome women want to take steroids to introduce some male hormones to their body. This way, their performance during workout will be boosted. However, this is not really recommended and you should know that buying steroids online is dangerous. Steroids are designed for male use and if women use it, it will strengthen the male hormones in their body. They may have deeper voice and they may also experience an enlargement of the clitoris. The bodily and the facial hair may increase and it also causes more serious problems such as disruption of the menstrual cycle.

  • Vitamin D

According to studies, Vitamin D is known to be a popular supplement that can help you protect your bone from osteoporosis. However, doctors were also able to find out that women who are healthier should not be taking Vitamin D because this can increase the calcium absorption. It is not good because the extra calcium will form into kidney stones. If you think you do not have a need for this as confirmed by the doctor, you should scrap it from your list.

Knowing the importance of the supplements that you are taking is very important. It can save you from potential damages it can incur in the body.

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