The Role of Proteins In Our Body

Whether or not you are a bodybuilding fan, you cannot deny the importance of proteins to our health composition. They are the primary builders for our body parts as they make tissues. Therefore, proteins have to be a must included a role in every meal to help us stay in shape and healthy all the time.

In this article, we will talk about the importance of protein in growing our muscles and body parts. We will try to give it a flavour of bodybuilding as well. We will also look at some of the best protein sources that we can easily access and include in our daily diet.

The Formation of Proteins

Well, this part is more scientific and can be a bit boring if you’re not a science fan. Therefore we will keep it concise but necessarily discuss it. To give you a general idea, proteins are made up of amino acids. The amino acids are connected through peptide bonds which help form a long chain molecule. In simpler words, proteins are favourite chain compositions of amino acids.

What Do Proteins Do?

To understand the importance of proteins, we will give you an example you might be able to visualise. Imagine that you have gone bald and that your nails do not grow any longer. Ahead without hair and no fingernails! Doesn’t sound too attractive, does it? It would happen if there no or very few protein in your body. Our hair formation and nail growth are mostly dependent on proteins.

Here are some key roles that proteins play in our body.

Building Tissues and Muscles

Every cell of our body contains proteins. Since cells are the basic building block in our body, it is important for a cell to contain ample amount of protein to develop tissues which ultimately form our muscles. During exercise, our muscles tear apart. As a result, the repair process of our muscles causes them to enlarge, and hence muscles are developed. This all becomes possible due to proteins which are why our body should always have enough of these nutrients.

Enzyme Creation

Enzymes work as catalysts. They tend to speed up chemical reactions in our body. Nerve impulse transmission and muscle movement depend significantly on enzymes. Lipase and Amylase are two protein enzymes which are essential for energy synthesis and removal of cell toxins.

Energy Synthesis

Proteins are known as the basic source of energy in our body. Microconstituents of a cell such mitochondria are responsible for providing the energy to the cell for performing essential duties of forming tissues. Mitochondria drive this energy from proteins which in turn act as a fuel to the process of building. When the digestion process occurs, protein is broken down to enzymes. Up to four calories per gram are released. Although this is not a great amount of energy but proteins hold great importance in maintaining regular body operations.

Proteins for BodyBuilders

Best Protein Foods

We shall now talk about how bodybuilders can make the best use of proteins. Of course, we will talk about the best protein foods that you should make part of your diet, especially while you’re on the workout.


Rarely will you find someone who doesn’t like steaks? The food item is not just delicious but holds a lot of nutrients. They contain raw protein so it directly adds to the metabolism inside the body. Beef steaks are generally more energy-rich and can be easily cooked with the addition of some delicious spices.

Whey Protein

Whey proteins perform a special function of quick digestion. It helps you to digest food at a rapid pace which makes it a great addition to your meal plan. Its use is recommended after a workout.

Peanut Butter

Yes, your favorite breakfast item is an excellent protein source. Use it as you like, either plain or with a toast. Peanut butter has a high concentration of proteins which not just make it a yummy but healthy addition to your diet plan. Although it’s quite impossible to think that you don’t have it in your meal plan but if it’s not, then you must definitely include it in your meal plan

Milk and Eggs

The most readily available dairy sources of proteins are milk and eggs. Milk is known to be a powerhouse of a meal having several other nutrients. Eggs are also another essential protein food which you should necessarily include in your breakfast.

Bodybuilders maintain a high intake of eggs and milk on a daily basis to support their workout routine. Also, milk and eggs can do wonders for your hair and nail health.

Proteins are far more effective than we have explained in this article. Their importance is such that it cannot be neglected at any cost especially if you have to attain muscular strength and perfect body shape.

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