Roid Rage: The Frightening Side of Steroids

Nowadays, the use of steroids has increased so much, is by crazy teenagers at gyms, who value gains over everything. However, they are unaware of the severe side effects that can be caused by steroids especially if you are using a cheaper and low-quality product.

Roid Rage, which is a smaller form of steroid rage, is one of these severe conditions which can be caused by the use of anabolic steroids. This testosterone-driven condition doesn’t only make a person angry but it can also cause a person to get completely out of control for a small period. Roid Rage is a situation in which a person might feel mentally unstable which can cause him to do things which might be harmful to others.

Doctors do agree that Roid Rage commonly exists in today’s world as they also try to prevent people from using anabolic steroids, which is the main cause. Teenagers are the most common age group to experience roid rage and other side effects after the use of steroids for the sake of the growth of their muscles.

Causes of Roid Rage

As time passed by, steroids became popular day by day. Steroids do provide some excellent results for people in gyms that helped it to gain its popularity. However, people are still unaware of the severe side effects that can be caused, too.

One of the major reasons for these side effects is that people can easily have access to such products. To add to the problem, low-quality products can be purchased easily online, as well. Some suppliers, just for the sake of bulk money, sell products which are not of high-quality.

Side Effects

Apart from the short list of benefits of steroids, steroids damage our bodies in various ways. The side effects for men include:

  • Acne, especially on the chest, back and face
  • Gynecomastia, male breasts
  • Baldness, male-patterned
  • The sperm count can is
  • Cancer, prostate being the most commonly affected organ

Females may get side effects like:

  • Excessive hair growth on their bodies
  • Pimples
  • Hair fall
  • Their breasts might decrease in size
  • Abnormal menstrual cycles
  • A change in their voice – deepened voice

People might face other serious problems like heart attacks, high cholesterol, excessive blood clotting, mental instability, etc. All of these symptoms can lead to a person getting angry and aggressive, that are the symptoms of roid rage.

People who are in the stage of development (teenagers) should avoid the use of steroids because steroids can lead to bad effects on their bodies as they move towards maturity. The bones of young people stop growing in length and instead grow in width. Such combinations can cause defects in a human body thus leading to body dysmorphia.

Body dysmorphia is a disorder in which the person imagines a defect which is not visible to others. In such a state, the person will try to take more steroids, just to get their body the way they want it to be; further leading to extreme side effects.

The aggression in the state of Roid Rage could also lead to something even worse. When a person gets aggressive, the bodybuilder might take in more steroids regularly which can create a higher risk of facing severe symptoms. It is really important to create awareness amongst people about the bad consequences of low-quality and excessive steroids.

Roid rage is more common in younger people as they tend to use steroids in excessive quantity to achieve results in lesser time. Anything that is consumed in excessive quantity is not good for health, and steroids are no exception.

Further Problems

Roid Rage is the situation which is not only harmful to the person himself but it can also be harmful to the people around him. Due to aggression and emotional instability, he might cause harm to those around him. People might feel threatened by the individual.

In the past few years, many murders and attacks have been reported, which were caused due to the overuse of steroids. Criminals who were found in the state of Roid rage are found guilty because they have been using an anabolic steroid.


To summarize, this situation can be an emotional breakdown or anger caused by the over usage of anabolic steroids. The catch here is that most of these side effects are not permanent and will disappear eventually after cessation of the drug.

People should understand that they should not use steroids without consulting professional fitness experts. Purchasing such products online can be harmful because people are never aware of the quality of products that they purchase. People should understand that such products should be used carefully or else they should be ready to face the problems shortly.

If you are buying steroids, make sure you are buying a product from a top brand, and one that uses natural products as ingredients.

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