The Importance Of Water To Diet When Building Muscle Mass

Everybody knows water is one of the key necessities of life that we can’t live without. And water’s association with so many health benefits is also a very common knowledge. But, did you know it plays a major role in muscle building as well? Yes, that’s right! Lack of water intake is not only hazardous for your health; it is quite detrimental to your physique as well.

The main purpose of water is to keep you hydrated throughout the day, which is mandatory for existence. And when it comes to muscle growth, the importance of water takes an even higher spot. Yes, physical training and proper diet do have a prime significance in muscle growth too, obviously! But, water intake is just as important as these factors. And the alarming thing is, most of the bodybuilders take it completely for granted.

Being a bodybuilder, you need to know the needs of your system to keep it running smoothly. In case you don’t know, the majority of your weight is comprised of water and protein, out which more than half is water. This means, to keep your weight maintained, you need to increase your water intake according to your requirement.

Water doesn’t directly affect your muscle growth but it has multiple roles to play in your whole system that eventually help you in muscle building with or without the help of steroids. Here, take a look:

  • Maintains and Gains Muscle Size and Strength through Hydration

For maintaining and enhancing your muscle size and your overall strength, water is highly important especially with the use of steroids. Lack of water intake can result in a significant loss of your power. The lesser you drink the higher your loss of endurance. No matter how hard you try during your workout sessions, if you are keeping yourself dehydrated, you will lose all your stamina and your muscle size will shrink.

To keep your growth sustained, you have to keep yourself hydrated all the times. According to a Biochemistry report, the lack of water intake showed a reduction in the cellular size of the subjects. This reduction results in breaking down the protein within your muscle tissues, which results in shrinking your muscles. Staying hydrated boosts the protein retention for the upkeep of muscle growth.Water To Diet When Building Muscle Mass

  • Source of Energy

Water also helps in keeping you energized throughout the day. If you don’t drink plenty of water, your blood volume will drop down, resulting in a lack of energy. This tiredness will become a major hindrance to you and your physical training.

  • Regulates Body Heat

Water also helps in regulating the temperature of your body through perspiration. The water takes the heat from your muscles and then releases it in the form of sweat. This procedure helps in cooling down your body and maintaining a constant temperature.

Your body tends to overheat due to excessive physical activity or exertion just like any machine. And for it to maintain its performance, it needs to be cooled down. But, if you do not drink enough water, you will not be able to release the excessive heat in your muscles and so your performance will be negatively affected.

  • Better Absorption of Nutrients

Adding the right amount of water to your diet also helps with the digestion. And digestion helps with the absorption of all the nutrients that you get from your food. Muscle growth has a lot to do with nutrients absorption because you have to follow a special diet for aiding you in muscle growth.

But, if water intake isn’t sufficient, the proteins and carbs from your food won’t be absorbed into your system efficiently. Thus, you won’t be able to maintain your performance.

  • Lubricates Joints

Bodybuilders often complain about joint pains due to their excessive workout routines. Ample consumption of water keeps this problem at bay by keeping your joints lubricated.


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