5 Effective Exercises to Get Six Pack Abs

Who doesn’t like a flat tummy? Most of us would do almost anything to get an attractive belly. On top of that, if you have six-pack abs, there can’t be anything better. Isn’t it? Now most of us wonder how we can get a perfect body. More often than not, we end up just dreaming because it seems so hard and almost unachievable.

A lot of times, we try to do something about it but can’t succeed. The truth is that Six packs don’t necessarily come through uncountable sit-ups or crunches. It’s a science and has a proper methodology attached to it.

If you have been thinking that achieving six packs is a myth for you, think again. We bring to you some great exercises that can give you a perfect body. We will share with you some of the moves recommended by exercise gurus that can get you well in shape and help you live your dream of perfect six pack abs.

Exercises Six Pack Abs

Sit back and enjoy our collection of exercises that will give you the body shape you always wanted.

But Wait!

Before we proceed to the moves, make sure that you follow your diet plan religiously. The workout is only half the battle. The other half depends on your food intake and it should be proper in order to achieve desired results.

We can finally move on to our topic of interest!

  1. Jack-Knife Sit-Ups

First up, we have Jack Knife Sit Ups for you. It will require you a medicine ball and a floor mat. Here is how to go about it.

Hold the medicine ball between your hands while sitting on the floor. Keep your feet out in front. Give your knees a little bent and raise your feet a little above the ground. Simultaneously, put your ankles together and lean backwards. Try to get your torso at an angle of 45 degrees from the ground.

Once you have achieved the position, now hold the ball straight out keeping your arms bent slightly. Twist your torso to one side as much as possible bringing the ball to the same side down to the floor. Now pause and breathe for a second. Twist the torso to the other side and repeat. Keep on repeating until you fail.

  1. Seated Leg Tucks

This exercise will require you a bench and a lot of commitment. This exercise helps develop your upper and lower rectus abdominals. Here is the procedure.

Sit cross on a bench. You can use hold the sides for support. Bent backwards at an angle of 45 degrees with your feet slightly above the ground and knees bent. Now bring your torso forward and try towards your pelvis making sure to round your back. At the same time, bring your knees up close to the torso to form a V-formation

Squeeze and hold the position for a second or two. Slowly retrieve the previous position and repeat.

  1. Hanging Knees Raise

Use an overhand grip and grasp the chin up bar. Keep your body fully vertical as it hangs freely from the bar. Keep your legs together and slowly, with your knees bent, brings your knees closer to your upper body. Squeeze your lower abdomen as you lift your knees as high as you can. Hold the position for two seconds and then slowly revert back to the vertical hanging position. Repeat the moves for as long as you can.

  1. Ab Crunch Machine

Many bodybuilders suggest that machines are an excellent source achieving six packs. The Ab crunch machine is quite simple to use and we would recommend you make use of it. Just sit in on the seat and maintain the required position as you rest your elbows on the support pads. Crunch forward and backwards at a gentle speed. Your abdominal muscles should feel burning. At this point, stop any further crunches.

  1. Cable Crunches

Last on our list is the cable crunches. Use an overhead pulley for this exercise. Attach a rope to the pulley and grab the ends of the rope. Kneel down and curl your body in the forward direction. As you lie in a crouch position, feel the abdominals burning and hold the position for three seconds. Then retrieve position.

Try out these simple yet highly effective exercises to achieve your six pack abs in no time.

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